12 Year Old Makes over $12,000 in 4 Months…

Pretty crazy huh? But it’s actually true…

We have a 12 year old boy from the Netherlands named Gesse who is making

…roughly about $3000 per month with the Empower Network and he is doing

it in only 1-2 hours per day.



Can You Imagine Being a 12 year Old Boy and Making $12,000

Think about it for a moment…most people have the excuse that they do not have the

…time to work on a home based business because they have other jobs and commitments.

Gesse is still just a young boy and goes to school every day Monday through Friday

…about 7-8 hours a day and then comes home to work on his homework for about

another 2 hours.

If you watched the video you will see that he is building his business in 1-2 hours day

…after a long day of school and finishing his homework. He is building a business…

Part Time with the help of his Dad by sending out messages on Facebook and following

…up with emails getting people to watch our simple video presentation.


The truth is…You CAN build this business part time and there are many people

…who are doing it right now or have built their business until they finally replaced

their full time income or just had enough of their J-O-B (Just Over Broke).

You don’t have experience?

Neither did most of the people that got involved with Empower Network and now…

…we have a team of over 120,000,000 people and have paid out over $50,000,000

in commissions helping a ton of people who have never made any money online before

make their first sale.

Check out this picture from our event this past weekend “Get Money” 2013 in Chicago

Get Money!



That is a stage full of people who have made at least $5,000 with Empower Network!

The bottom line is you can stay where you are at and you can hide behind your excuses…

…or you can step up to the plate and join a movement and a community of people

that are all working towards a common goal that is bigger than ourselves.

If you have been following Empower Network for any length of time or are just

…sitting on the fence wondering if this really works or can you really do something like

this? Just watch this video above again and use it as motivation that if a 12 year old

…with no previous experience or knowledge can do this…THAN YOU CAN TOO!

Join Now – Click on The Link & I Will See You in Denver at our next Event!

Start today for as little as $25 :)

100% Commissions

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Mobile App Revolution

Mobile App Revolution:

Remember back not too long ago when hardly anyone had a website and…

…if you did you were light years ahead of the competition, well now everyone

and every business has a website and if they don’t would you really want to do

…business with them anyways?

We are kind of in that beginning time period once again only this time with…

Mobile Apps, as businesses have just only begun to take advantage of this

trend but within the next 5 years every business will have one and if you aren’t

thinking about the future, then you will be slowly left behind.

Let’s face the rough facts that email marketing is dying and has been in the…

…declining stages for a while now as email deliver-ability rates are down, there is

a ton of more competition fighting for the little attention we can grab, and people’s

…inbox are stuffed with every internet marketer’s offers.

The Truth is There is a Mobile App Revolution going on….

…and if you are not on-board and you do not have your own mobile app,

your COMPETITION WILL and you will lose a ton of business to them.

The whole world is going mobile and soon desk tops and even laptops will be

a thing of the past as 1 out of every 3 people owns a smart phone and soon ..

…EVERYONE will own one within the next few years. This is just the begininng

of the Mobile App Revolution.


So Why Join in on The Mobile App Revolution Now?

There are huge benefits of having your own customized mobile app including:

- The ability to send push notifications and text messages to everyone on your

list that has downloaded your app (This has almost a 100% open rate as you

may miss an email but odds are you will read every text message or push notification that pops up)

- Coupons and Special Promotions that you can offer for checking in using GPS

- Live Stream Video right to your users phone or have them sign up directly for your sales pages, webinars, etc.

- Mobile Shopping Carts (Users are almost 50% more likely to purchase using

mobile than searching on the web through a desktop)

- Click to Call Feature allowing your users to call you with a click of one button

- GPS Directions so you can easily be found especially if you own multiple locations

- Mobile Apps are easy to go viral with an easy to share feature so people can share your app with their friends and family

- Mailing List feature allows your customers to sign up to your newsletters

- Mobile Apps can integrate with all your favorite social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In as well as your auto -responders

- Mobile Advertising platforms are super cheap lead generation startegies where you can

get clicks as low as $0.01-$0.03. (Why pay $1-2 a click when you can dominate right now with mobile

- Compatible with Apple Iphone, Ipad, Android, HTML 5


Global Apps Network is on the Forefront of

The Mobile App Revolution and has already

brought on board some of the biggest names

in the industry…

Vince Reed, the owner of Global Apps Network, has brought on some of the

…biggest name internet and network marketers in the industry including

Jonathan Budd, Mark Hoverson, Matt Lloyd, Ray Higdon, and just recently

Michelle Pescosolido (The Facebook Queen).

The Global Apps Network allows you create your own fully customized mobile

…app and get paid commissions by referring the service to others or by becoming

a partner you can sell these apps to businesses nationwide.

This is a huge opportunity as there is a small window of opportunity to cash in on

…mobile apps while we are still at the bottom of a rising curve. There is no doubt

that mobile technology is the way to go and the longer you wait to convert over

…the longer you give your competition the chance to get there before you.





FB Post Magic

Have You Seen FB Post Magic Tool?

If you do any type of marketing on Facebook at all, this is one tool that you…

…will definitely want to add to your arsenal. The “FB Post Magic” is

an internet marketer’s dream as it allows you to collect leads directly from

your Facebook Newsfeed without the hassle of requiring your viewer to click

…on an outside link.

I actually purchased this tool yesterday and was able to generate over 30

…leads in the first few hours that I was able to test this viral marketing tool.

It’s currently in Pre-Launch until April 1st but has already caught

…the attention of some big name marketers.


You read that correctly, this is a tool that anyone who does any type of marketing…

…via Facebook will buy because let’s face it, its a lot tougher to get people to click

on an outside link and then enter their information.

Any chance you can cut out one of the steps in the process will increase your lead

…generation ability and you will have higher conversions which will result in

more leads for your business.

Now that the FB Post Magic tool is currently in Pre-Launch mode you can…

lock it in with a low rate of only $27 per month and once it hits the market

on April 1st it will be about double the price.

That’s only about $0.88 per day to use a tool that can…

CHANGE THE GAME in your business.

You can also refer 3 people to buy the product and yours is FREE…

…Do you think you can think of only 3 people that could benefit from this tool?

There are now over 1 Billion Facebook Users that you can

tap into with FB Post Magic…

There are a ton of cool features that FB Post Magic offers including -

- Time Delayed Calls to Action

- Adding any video of your choice

- Easy Integration with the most popular autoresponders (Currently compatible with

Aweber and GVO but by the time launch date on April 1st they plan on adding most of

the bigger ones

- Integrates with GoTo Webinar Registration which is huge for getting people to attend

your webinars

- Easy Tracking to see how many times your post has been viewed, how many clicks,

how many shares, how many opt-ins, etc.

These are just to name a few…

I highly suggest you lock in the low rate on this Powerful Tool…

This is going to be something that everyone will buy and you don’t want to look back

and regret you didn’t purchase now when you can grab it for $0.88 per day when you have

to pay double the price on April 1st.

You can easily find 3 people that can use this tool before April 1st and get your

FB Post Magic tool for absolutely FREE.


Watch Here Now



Have You Been Following “The Following”?

I like to write about my favorite shows as I tend to be home a lot more at night

…now that I have a little one at home to take care of and I usually write

about my other favorite show The Walking Dead but today wanted to

talk about “The Following”.

The Following

This show is pretty crazy and definitely something I highly recommend

watching on Monday Nights at 9:00pm on FOX as there’s hardly any good TV

…on Monday nights.


…It’s starting to get crazy on the show as Joe Carroll, the serial killing mastermind

escapes from prison and now has a house full of devoted followers willing

to do anything that he commands.

They have kidnapped his son and are trying to figure out where Joe’s Ex-Wife

…is because he has this sick twisted thought that they actually have a real shot

of becoming a family again.

The Following

The “Followers” are everywhere…

Joe has seemed to recruit some key leaders that have managed to infiltrate into

…law enforcement agencies including Roderick, the sheriff of the small town they

are hiding out in.

I seriously don’t know how people could be so devoted to this cult like atmosphere as the

…guy from the last episode that was captured actually kills himself by biting his hand

which has a packet of Cyanide sewn into his skin which makes him go into

convulsions and die.

…These Followers have no fear and even kidnap Agent Weston, the tech guy from

the FBI that is the only guy with security clearance high enough to know where

…Claire has been taken to. It was a close call as he was interrogated and almost

killed being stabbed in the chest by one one of the crazies before Ryan, the head

character of the show (Kevin Bacon) came to save the day.

When the Followers couldn’t “Convince” Weston to tell them where Claire has

been transported to in the protective custody program, Joe is disappointed to

say the least.

Charlie, one of the devout followers who had previously screwed up by allowing

…Claire to escape blamed himself and offers to sacrifice his own life for not

being able to deliver and Joe Stabs him in the chest.

I think they are all a little bit crazy in their own right…

…I mean who else would be a part of these plans lol

Roderick takes it to heart when Charlie dies and he shows his emotions

…by almost killing one of the other followers choking her within an inch

of her life….which then followed by them just forgetting that just happened

and progresses to a weird sex scene lol

You gotta love TV series lol

This is an awesome show and reminds me of Dexter in that dark gloomy

…murderous way. This is an especially good pilot season and hoping that they

continue on with the series. It seems pretty popular as its all over Facebook

…and Twitter.

It’s definitely something that you have to wath from the beginning and pay

attention to all the detials about the characters as they all interconnect with

…each other and you don’t really know who’s involved and who’s not…

So if you are not following “The Following” I suggest you start now!

It’s pretty cool how I can write about pretty much any topic I want on

my fully set up blog and when I share my posts people can join too and I

get paid 100% commissions. Anyone can do this from anywhere in the

world and now the Empower Network has just crossed the 100,000 member

mark in just over a year.

The next stop is a Million Members…will you be one of them or just a

…spectator watching by wishing you had joined in the beginning?


Start today for as little as $25 :)

100% Commissions

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Would You Rather be Rich or be FREE?

That is a good question and if you were to ask the majority of people…

…they would probably say that they would prefer to be BOTH, but if

you could only be one of the other what would you choose?

Sure, it would be nice to be rich but what if being rich meant that you

…had to work 80-100 hours a week or be away from your family

for months at a time. You could have all the money in the world

but if you don’t have the time to enjoy it and the people to enjoy it

…with, then it just pretty much goes to waste.

Then again, You could always be unemployed and I guess you could

…say you are technically FREE but then you don’t have the money to

do anything. You can’t take your family out to eat or to a movie or

pretty much do anything for that matter.

The truth is… money in itself doesn’t buy happiness but it does allow

…the freedom when you don’t have to worry about it. If you don’t

have to worry about the stress about bills or waking up in the morning

to go to a job, you can replace that time with spending time with your…

…family, traveling, focusing on a dream that you once put aside, etc.

Be Rich or Be FREE

I make really good money here in Vegas and it is fun planning people’s

…vacations and going to the hottest clubs and pool parties but it is

really draining on my time and sometimes feels like I am a slave to

…my cell phone. I hate to admit but I sleep with my cell phone right

by my ear or even in my hand sometimes just in case I have to deal

with any last minute issues with limos and clients and other mishaps.

You don’t really need to be a millionaire to live the life of your dreams

as $30,000 a month would about $1000 a day and if you really spending

…more than that than you may have to reconsider your lifestyle choices.

 How Many Million Dollar Ideas Do You Have…

If you only had the extra time and energy to put into some of your best

…ideas do you think you would be able to accomplish a little bit more?

I know from experience that working on your business after working all

day can be draining and you have to keep yourself motivated with the

…end goal in mind.

I think everyone wants a good combination of money and time freedom

…to be able to do whatever they want but just how do you achieve it?

Home Based Businesses are becoming more and more popular and because

of the power of the internet, you can automate a lot of the remedial tasks

so that you can cut down your workload and build your business in a few

hours a day.

You need to have a system in place with a great funnel that does most of the

…work for you so that you can focus all of your efforts on introducing more

people to your funnel.

The Empower Network Is That Perfect System…

With the Empower Network, you can focus on one important task

…which is getting more and more people to view the presentation.

The funnel converts and the average customer over the span of the

…life is over $400 with some of us converting at much higher rates.

You can be Rich and Work 80-100 hours a week and you can be FREE

and unemployed or You can become Rich & FREE by making the decision

to make it happen.

So I ask again, would you rather be RICH or be FREE?

Would $25 investment in yourself be worth it to set yourself FREE?


Start today for as little as $25 :)

100% Commissions

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